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Monday, 20 June 2011

The X11 forwarding request was rejected! solaris 10

When i was trying to connect to one of Solaris 10 server using xmanager then it was unable to connect displaying error message "The X11 forwarding request was rejected!"

Error screen:


In sshd configuration file X11Forwarding option was disabled



cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep X11
# X11 tunneling options
X11Forwarding no
X11DisplayOffset 10

bash-3.00# cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep ListenAddress
# Multiple ListenAddress entries are allowed.
ListenAddress :: #This if for IPV4 and IPv6

change above values as below in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file :

X11Forwarding yes

#ListenAddress :: #(comment this line)
ListenAddress #(uncomment this entry) - if not exist in file add it.

Step 2

add -4 option for ssh command:

original entry

# SMF arguments (start and restart [really "refresh"])

update entry

# SMF arguments (start and restart [really "refresh"])
/usr/lib/ssh/sshd -4

Step 3

restart ssh daemon an verify its running:

bash-3.00# svcadm restart ssh

bash-3.00# svcs ssh
online 10:08:39 svc:/network/ssh:default

After this you should be able to login to server via xmanager using ssh .

Happy reading :)

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