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Monday, 12 September 2011

"Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters Essentials" - Book Review

I am very much thankful to Packt Publishers for providing me an opportunity to review book on most emerging and excellent piece of technology – Oracle Real Application cluster.

The computing world is moved into new era and every next business doesn’t want any downtime in their Applications. Hence every next business started looking for High Availability solutions.

What is High availability?

Users want their resources to be served all time without any interruption.

You can read more about High Availability from link:

Oracle RAC is an excellent technology which meets all High Availability options and help to serves the users their resources without any interruption. To get best out of RAC we need a successful implementation of this technology.

The readers need to be familiar with oracle database administration, OS administration and concepts of storage technologies.

This book is co-authored by “Syed Jaffer hussain” and “Ben Prusinski”.

You can read about the authors from the links below:

Chapter 1 : It covers all information required for understanding the term High availability and the possible downtime situations. It also covers description of other HA solutions provided by oracle like Data guard, Streams, Application Clustering etc which helps in understanding these technologies and its differences.

Chapter 2: It covers architecture of RAC including its components, In depth information on storage deployment for RAC.

Chapter 3: It covers all steps required for successful deployment of Oracle 11gR1 as well as 11gR2 RAC (as there are many changes in 11gR2 RAC) and it also covers removing/reconfiguration of Clusterware.

Chapter 4, 5: It describe everything what you need to know about ASM in Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure software. It contains new features of 11gR1 and 11gR2 ASM.
It covers all utilities required for managing and troubleshooting Oracle clusterware and new features in oracle 11g R2 clusterware.

Chapter 6,7, 8: covers how we can create a RAC database, new features in 11gR1 and 11gR2 database, managing workload. Chapter 7 explains everything need to know for a DBA for performing oracle database, clusterware Backup and Recovery including new features of 11gR1 and 11gR2 rman new features. Chapter 8 covers Performance tuning.

Chapter 9, 10: These are the excellent topic s which I really like from this book. Chapter 9 explained every aspect a DBA needed while upgrading their RAC databases and clusterware. In chapter 10 authors write about their experiences they faced while dealing with RAC.

Chapter 11: It covers information required for configuring RAC in an E-business suite environment using PCP, Load balancing and consideration for cloning a RAC enabled E-Biz systems. Though I believe 11gR2 is missing here as 11gr2 has scan, GNS etc which needs a different configuration then 10g/11gR1 RAC.

As far as i know the information provided in this chapter related to deployment of RAC in E-Business suite environments is not covered in any other RAC book.

Chapter 12: It explains MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture). It covers using streams, data guard with oracle RAC.

I am very much thankful to “Syed Jaffer hussain” and “Ben Prusinski” for providing community with such an excellent book which covers all most everything needed for deployment of Oracle RAC.

The book covered each and every topic in a very detail manner which helps any DBA to deploy this technology successfully in their PRODUCTION environments. The topic which I feel missing in this book is “RAC one Node”.

At last I would highly recommend this book to all working DBA’s, HA- DBA’s and for those who wants to learn, understand, deploy this robust technology.

You can buy this book from links below:

Syed Zaheer


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