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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Oracle Database 12c Installation failed with Error "network/lib/" on Oracle Solaris 11.2

Installation of Oracle Database 12cR1 on Oracle Solaris 11.2 (X86-64Bit) failed with error "network/lib/" though all pre-requisites checks was successful. Installation failed on the following screen:

Error log content from the Installation logfile:

INFO: rm -f ntcontab.*

INFO: (if [ "assemble" = "compile" ] ; then \
  /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/bin/gennttab > ntcontab.c ;\
  cc  -c ntcontab.c ;\
  rm -f /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/ntcontab.o ;\
  mv ntcontab.o /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/ ;\
          /usr/ccs/bin/ar rv /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/libn12.a /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/ntcontab.o ; fi)

INFO: (if [ "assemble" = "assemble" ] ; then \
  /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/bin/gennttab > ntcontab.s ;\
  /usr/ccs/bin/as -m64 -Kpic -o ntcontab.o ntcontab.s ;\
  rm -f /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/ntcontab.o ;\
  mv ntcontab.o /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/ ;\
          /usr/ccs/bin/ar rv /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/libn12.a /u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/ntcontab.o ; fi)

INFO: sh[2]: /usr/ccs/bin/as: not found [No such file or directory]

INFO: *** Error code 127

INFO: make: Fatal error: 
INFO: Command failed for target `
INFO: ntcontab.o

INFO: End output from spawned process.
INFO: ----------------------------------
INFO: Exception thrown from action: make
Exception Name: MakefileException
Exception String: Error in invoking target 'mkldflags ntcontab.o nnfgt.o' of makefile '/u01/oradb/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/network/lib/'. See '/u01/oradb/oraInventory/logs/installActions2014-12-14_09-04-46AM.log' for details.
Exception Severity: 1


Installer is not able to find the binary "/usr/ccs/bin/as" in its location.

soladmin@soltest2:~$ /usr/ccs/bin/as
bash: /usr/ccs/bin/as: No such file or directory
soladmin@soltest1:~$ ls -lrt /usr/ccs/bin/as
/usr/ccs/bin/as: No such file or directory


There is a missing package "developer/assembler"  in Oracle Solaris 11.2  OS. You actually need not have to abort the Installation. Just Install this missing package and retry Installation it should work.

soladmin@soltest2:~$ pkg info developer/assembler
pkg: info: no packages matching the following patterns you specified are
installed on the system.  Try specifying -r to query remotely:


-The mentioned above package is not Installed on the host. Make sure you have Full IPS repository configured to Install this missing package.

root@soltest2:~# pkg publisher
solaris                     origin   online F file:///IPS/
root@soltest2:~# pkg search assembler
INDEX       ACTION VALUE                                          PACKAGE
pkg.fmri    set    solaris/developer/assembler                    pkg:/developer/assembler@0.5.11-
pkg.summary set    Converts assembler source code to object code. pkg:/developer/assembler@0.5.11-

Install pakcage:

root@soltest2:~# pkg install solaris/developer/assembler

pkg install: The following pattern(s) did not match any allowable packages.  Try
using a different matching pattern, or refreshing publisher information:

root@soltest2:~# pkg install assembler
           Packages to install:  1
       Create boot environment: No
Create backup boot environment: No
DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB)   SPEED
Completed                                1/1           6/6      0.2/0.2    0B/s

PHASE                                          ITEMS
Installing new actions                         13/13
Updating package state database                 Done 
Updating package cache                           0/0 
Updating image state                            Done 
Creating fast lookup database                   Done 
Updating package cache                           1/1 

soladmin@soltest2:~$ pkg info assembler
          Name: developer/assembler
       Summary: Converts assembler source code to object code.
      Category: Development/Other Languages
         State: Installed
     Publisher: solaris
       Version: 0.5.11
 Build Release: 5.11
Packaging Date: April 14, 2014 01:02:41 PM 
          Size: 625.46 kB
          FMRI: pkg://solaris/developer/assembler@0.5.11,5.11-

oracle@soltest2:~$ ls -lrt /usr/ccs/bin/as
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     bin       632072 Dec 14 09:28 /usr/ccs/bin/as

After Installation of package the binary is now available and Installer should proceed further without any Issues. Just click on "retry"

- Installation completed successfully without any Issues.

Thanks for reading.



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