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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

adop phase=prepare Completes With Error While Executing Sanity Check '[UNEXPECTED]Error while runFSSanityValidateConfig sub-routine is called'

adop prepare phase was failing for on one of our EBS R12.2 Test Instance.  It was failing during the sanity check. adop check for certain fields before it start working. If check failed on any one of those field that i cannot be proceed.

During the sanity check adop checks for the following fields:

1) Provided apps/system/weblogic passwords are correct
2) Verify validity of context file
3) Environment variable for RUN and Patch edition are correct
4) Checks RUN and PATCH edition file system has RW privilege
5) Checks for 25 GB of free space.

Error logfile:

Action = filesystemcheck

Validating console log key...

Console = off

Inside checkPrivileges()...

Checking whether below directories have READ/WRITE access:

Privileges check PASSED.

Inside checkFileEdition()...

Value of FILE EDITION from RUN file system  : run
Value of FILE EDITION from PATCH file system: patch

File edition check PASSED.

Inside checkDiskSpaceOnUnix()...

Inside runDFCommand()...

LOG FILE: /u01/appl_test/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/11/prepare_20150107_114004/test_erpnode3/TXK_SANITY_filesystemcheck_Wed_Jan_7_11_46_25_2015/df.out
Execute SYSTEM command : df /u01/appl_test/fs2 
"df" command output: /dev/sda3            483063744 451280432   6849228  99% /u01

FREE SPACE AVAILABLE    (in GB): 6.53193283081055
Space check FAILED.

[ERROR] Minimum file system space required 25 GB while you have 6.53193283081055 GB

Here in my case it failed on file system space check.


- Increase file system size with min 25GB of free space.
- Delete existing unwanted files

You should plan space Initially before Installing/setting up a new EBS environment to avoid such Issues.  After increasing the space it worked fine without any Issues.

Thanks for reading.



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